One of California’s Largest Self-Funded PPO Trusts

Why CVT is for people involved in their school district’s healthcare benefits to help them get a better picture of California’s Valued Trust (CVT), and what we offer to the education community. Whether you are a labor representative, member of a district’s benefit committee or in district management, this site is a resource for you. You can find out what the Trust is all about, and why we were formed in the first place. You’ll also learn why CVT is the right choice for both district employees or chapters and their members.

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About CVT

CVT was established in 1984 through the combined efforts of school superintendents and representatives of both the California Teachers Association (CTA), and California School Employees Association (CSEA). The Trust is governed by a 12-member Board of Trustees, appointed by and equally representative of management and labor. The Labor Trustees consist of three Certificated (CTA) and three Classified (CSEA) with the remaining six Trustee positions being Management representatives.

We are a jointly managed trust, commonly known as a voluntary employee’s beneficiary association. It is an organization of employees and employers who work together to purchase healthcare benefits. Trusts are tax-exempt and contract with health providers to design health plans to meet the needs of their members. 

The Trust’s headquarters are in Fresno where its staff administers the healthcare benefits of its more than 158,000 participants from 234 districts throughout the state.

The right choice for your district and your members

The Trust pools the resources of school districts to create a large group of participants, effectively lowering healthcare premiums and providing quality benefits. This concept creates a more stable environment for contract negotiations by providing several options for districts. This allows each district to best balance cost with quality in providing benefit packages for teachers and school employees, as well as retirees.

Some of the key advantages that CVT has over other providers include:

  • Governed with equal representation from both Labor and Management
  • Not-for-profit status allows us to direct monies to the maximum benefit of our members
  • 98 cents of every premium dollar collected is spent on healthcare for our members
  • CVT premium rates are not loaded to pay for broker commissions or fees
  • Single year contract
  • Annual rate guarantee
  • Financial security of fully funded reserves, avoiding contingent liability including claim run-outs
  • Employee wellness programs and services, health management programs for members with common chronic or rare conditions, 24/7 on-demand access to Board Certified doctors thru MDLIVE and Teladoc, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and more…
  • COBRA, Self-Paid Retiree coverage
  • Responsive customer service

Our goal is to provide you with more healthcare options, choices and excellent customer service at an affordable cost.