Medical & Pharmacy Benefit Calculator

CVT is committed to helping our members make important decisions regarding their healthcare. This benefit calculator was designed to provide an estimated cost for out-of-pocket expenses based on the data you provide and help you select a health plan that meets your specific needs. These estimates are significantly influenced by the accuracy of the data that you input, and they cannot account for unforeseen illnesses or accidents that may occur in the future. Coverage and rates are subject to the terms of your plan. So, depending upon these and other factors, these estimates may not represent your actual experience or costs. Healthcare is individual by nature, and your actual costs may vary. But you may use these estimates to help you plan your medical expenses. Please note the calculator provides results based on CVT's 2019-20 health plans which are effective October 1, 2019. 

For the best results, take a moment to gather together the following important information that you will need to enter into the calculator:

  • A list of medical plans available to your unit and what the monthly payroll deduction is for each. Your district office should have this information available.
  • Estimate of the total number of physician office visits and prescriptions that you and / or your family had in the past year.

It's important to note that under most circumstances, it is common for one family member to have a costly year and meet their out-of-pocket maximum, but rarely is it the whole family. Now that you have your information, let's compare costs side-by-side.


Important: Please be aware that this calculator only provides an estimate of your health-care cost by utilizing the information provided by you. The amount is subject to change based on your actual usage during the year and is for illustrative purposes for medical and pharmacy benefits only. Dental, vision or other benefits are not included.

Use the links below to find information on your medical plans, medical claims and prescriptions.