Solera4Me – Helping You to Good Health

Solera4Me is a preventive healthcare benefit for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California PPO CVT PPO and HMO plan subscribers.  It is a lifestyle change program that can help you lose weight, adopt healthy habits and reduce your risk of developing diabetes.  The program is 16 weeks, and is available at no charge to members who qualify. 

There are a number of different options to choose from: some are national programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig; some are online like HealthSlate and Retrofit; and still others are local programs you can attend in your community.

Solera4me helps members determine if they qualify and then matches them with the program that’s the best fit. While the programs have different formats, most include the following elements:

A focus on making healthier food choices and increasing activity levels
Weekly lessons
1-1 interactions with a lifestyle coach
Tools such as a wireless scale or activity tracker
You can find out if you qualify by visiting and taking a 1-minute quiz.  If you want to speak to someone directly? Contact Solera at 877-486-0141.