Wellbeing Champions – Making A Difference in people’s lives

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The CVT Wellbeing program, Fit For Life, was created to improve the overall health of CVT members by providing healthy lifestyle education and awareness. But the success of this Wellbeing program can be attributed to those individuals at each participating district who are dedicated Wellbeing Champions.

These are the site leaders who have given of their time, energy and enthusiasm to lead program by bringing the message and fun activities their districts. While there are certain nominal compensation programs for Champions, their primary reward comes through knowing they are making a difference in people’s lives.

CVT would like to thank each and every Champion for their commitment and willingness to serve.

Resources for Champions to use

Wellbeing Program Overview
Grant or Sponsor Application
CVT Wellbeing Champion Nomination Form
Champion Recommendations
Champion FAQs
CVT Wellbeing Champion Activity Form
An Apple A Day Guide and Activity
CVT Workplace Wellness Bingo Fun Activity