MyCVT – The convenient way to manage your employees CVT Healthcare Benefits

MyCVT is an online portal designed to benefit both members and district administrators. It gives those charged with the oversight and management of district/unit employee benefits 24/7/365 on-demand access to the benefit program. Administrators can instantly have information about employees’ eligibility, enrollments and document status. The website is password-protected, secure, and confidential and HIPPA compliant!

Key MyCVT District features include:

Human Resources

  • Supports promotion of your District's custom open enrollment period
  • Access to census reports
  • Access to individual employee's benefit coverage page
  • Ability to initiate employee changes and terminations
  • Access to demographic change reports
  • Access to CVT's Operations Manual
  • ACA reporting


  • Access to District billing reports
  • Access to statements to help with reconciling


  • Access to District billing reports
  • Accessto statements
  • Access to census reports
  • Ability to demographic change reports
  • ACA reporting

Other Features

  • Allows employees to upload required eligibility documents
  • District can review dependent documents
  • Employees can submit qualifying event changes to the District
  • Employees can update contact information

If your District is not already using MyCVT and would like to learn more about how your District can benefit and how to register just call CVT Member Services at (800) 288-9870. We're here to help!