Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit for Administrators

How can district administrators help their employees?

Now, more than ever, employers are looking for effective resources to help their valued employees manage the challenges, uncertainties and stresses that seem to be coming from all directions. At CVT, we want to help our participating districts provide these needed resources to employees and their families - to help support their emotional wellbeing. Simply, emotional wellbeing is the ability to successfully manage life's stresses and curve balls and successfully adapt to life's challenges. To assist you, CVT has created this toolkit full of helpful resources for district administrators.

Carelon Behavioral Health: Carelon Behavioral Health is your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered through CVT. EAP is a great starting point for emotional wellbeing services. Carelon Behavioral Health provides employees access to confidential support for work and life, as well as a broad set of training topics for managers and employees. While Carelon Behavioral Health offers administrators the helpful resources listed below, you can always call Carelon Behavioral Health at (877) 397-1032.

  • EAP 101 Administrators and Managers (video): Learn what an Employee Assistance Program is, how it can help you and your employees, and how to use it.
  • How EAP Consultants Can Help Administrators and Managers (multiple resources)
  • Seminar Training Catalog: Topics include stress management, team building, finance management, workplace effectiveness and more.
  • Training Request Form: Administrators wanting to request trainings must complete this form
  • Critical Incident Response (CIR): These are urgent requests for counseling services at the school district based on an event such as a death, wildfire related distress, or other time sensitive need. Please call (877) 397-1032.
  • EAP Management Referral Process: Learn about the steps needed to refer your employee to EAP.
  • Manager’s Guide to the EAP: A handbook to understand types of EAP referrals; Informal, Formal, Mandatory; identifying a troubled employee based on observed behaviors; a five step process to manage a troubled employee including a worksheet to assist with this process; how to hold a discussion with the employee, common reactions and how to deal with potential barriers 

Anthem Blue Cross (PPO/HMO):

Blue Shield of California:

Sutter Health | Aetna (EPO):

Kaiser Permanente:

These services are available at no cost to CVT members and their school districts. If you need additional information, or have questions about where to start, contact Health Program Manager, Robin Wood at robinw@cvtrust.org, or call your Account Manager at (800) 288-9870.