Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California

There are a number of resources available to you whether you're an active or retiree participant, or a district member representing management or labor. These resources can be extremely helpful and convenient for you to find valuable information for any of your healthcare benefit needs. On this site you'll find various CVT forms such as enrollment, change of dependent, as well as major medical forms. You'll find important links for additional references and educational information. On the contact us section you'll find key contacts and reference information for your convenience.

The plans all provide for annual preventive care, hospital emergencies, chiropractic and acupuncture visits as well as mental health options. All the plans have unlimited lifetime maximum benefit and are compliant with Health Care Reform benefits. Plans 1, 2, and 3 pay at 100%, Plans 4 and 5 are 90% co-insurance and Plans 6-10 are 80% co-insurance and require more out of pocket for the participant but lower premiums.

Different requirements determine which network of providers, Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California, is available to the district and/or bargaining unit. For more information of these networks click on the link below.

  • Anthem Blue Cross - With nearly 69 million people served by its affiliated companies including more than 37 million enrolled in its family of health plans, Anthem is one of the nation's leading health benefits companies.  Anthem supports CVT members with a dedicated unit staffed with Anthem associates well versed on the CVT benefit programs.  This dedicated unit is available to answer questions regarding your benefits, claims, provider billings and authorizations and is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at (800) 234-4333.
  • Blue Shield of California - Blue Shield of California provides CVT members access to the Blue Shield PPO and HMO network of providers and wellness discounts.  Blue Shield of California is an independent member of the Blue Shield Association with a commitment to providing access to high-quality health care at an affordable price.  As a not-for-profit, Blue Shield has been part of California's healthcare landscape since 1939, and is passionate about improving the health and wellness of their members, while giving back to the communities they serve.

Prescription Plan Options

Prescription plans work the same way. There are 5 different plans to choose from depending on the level of benefit desired.

CVT and our prescription benefit provider, CVS/caremark, provide prescription benefits for plan participants and their eligible dependent(s) enrolled in either a CVT High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan.  Caremark is the largest nationwide network of pharmacies with 60,000 participating retail pharmacies to choose from. 

For an overview of each of the 10 plans and 5 prescription options, click here.

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