CVT ValuRx Prescription Plan Coverage

The CVT ValuRx Prescription Plan is distinctive from CVT's other prescription plans in that it is heavily geared towards generic medications through the Value Formulary and has a more managed network, the Proximity Network.  The ValuRx Plan includes a $150 brand medication deductible. 

Use the links below to check medication costs pre-deductible and post-deductible. 

Check post-deductible medication cost

Check pre-deductible medication cost

Use the Pharmacy Locator below to search in-network CVS pharmacies in your area. 

Pharmacy Locator

Note: The Proximity Network requires if you live within 5 miles of a CVS/pharmacy (including Target), you must use CVS/pharmacy or Caremark mail service for all medications.  Proximity to CVS/pharmacy is based on the member's home zip code and geographical mileage, not driving directions.

Please refer to the Benefit Booklet for Prescription Benefits located at for additional information.