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Alight provides free, expert medical guidance for any condition. As Your Medical Ally, Alight offers confidential, one-on-one support to help you make informed decisions about medical care and treatment. California’s Valued Trust is pleased to offer this valuable service at no cost to all active and non-Medicare retiree members and their eligible dependents who have coverage through their PPO or EPO plan.

 We Will Help You Get These Five Right


  • The right diagnosis
  • Treatment options that are best for your needs
  • Doctors who are top-rated for your condition
  • The most qualified hospitals for your care
  • Support to help you cope with your condition

You Have an Experienced Medical Ally Team at Alight

You will receive support from the Alight team of nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals over the phone, via secure email or texting. You will get help with understanding your medical condition and treatment options, identifying the most qualified doctors and hospitals in your area and insurance network, assisting you in getting a second opinion, providing customized questions to ask your doctor and support you throughout your journey. Call or visit Alight [Links to] online to enroll today. It’s free!

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Has Your Doctor Recommended Surgery? 


We can help you understand the risks and benefits before you decide. If you are considering any of the surgeries below, you could receive a $400 gift card for participating at least 30 days before your surgery!*


Hip or knee replacement · Lower back surgery  · Hysterectomy · Weight loss surgery


*To be eligible for a gift card, start the program at least 30 days before your surgery date for one of the surgeries above and complete a survey at the end. Gift card is provided by Alight; recipient is responsible for any applicable taxes. Call for more details.