Exercise and Fitness



Exercise and Fitness

December 27, 2022

Is your New Year’s resolution to get back on-track with your lifestyle goals? Sometimes we catch ourselves straying off course and not feeling so great about ourselves. Exercising regularly, eating nutritious foods and making healthy choices takes a daily pledge of commitment, typically in the form of nonstop reminders to stay on track. We know that life is full of diversions and unwavering devotion to diet and exercise can slip into inactivity. If you’re feeling this way, it may be time to remind yourself why you decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle in the first place. Losing sight of the progress you’ve already made, whether that comes from your physical, emotional or mental state may be reason enough to spark that fire in leading a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few things you can do to guide your body and mind into new goals and lifestyle desires.

Recognize you may have fallen off track
Recognition to your set-backs is key to regenerating your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Taking a step back and visualizing when your wellbeing was in a better place is a great step of realization. What made you start this behavior? Was it to have a more structured workout regimen, maybe eat healthier or quit smoking? Whatever your goal was, you had a goal! That goal was important enough to change the every day decisions in your life. It’s not too late to reach it!

Find a buddy to foster accountability
We often think we can do it all alone, but the reality is that we can’t. Whether it is your spouse, life partner, friend or pet, lean on your buddy to hold you accountable. If you are trying to change your workout habits, it may be helpful to join a class—such as a stretching, yoga or water aerobics class—where others have similar goals as you. Going to a scheduled class can help foster accountability. If you enjoy running or walking, meet with a friend or partner at a set time and develop a routine with one another. Even better, develop a routine with your furry friend and stay active together! If you decide to begin eating healthier, include your family or friends in the change as well or, in a larger sense, as a community. Promote change as a group, where many people can become involved and lean on one another.

Slow and steady wins the race
True and sustainable changes develop from methodical and manageable change. Goals simply can’t be reached over night. By making subtle, long-term changes, you will see a more lasting progress.

Treat yourself
Make plans to visit a park or go hiking, buy new running shoes or exercise equipment, pick out a new book, take a cooking class that helps you prepare healthier meals or get a massage. Treat yourself to your hard work!