Get Back on Track: Three Steps to Achieving Healthy Lifestyle Goals



Get Back on Track: Three Steps to Achieving Healthy Lifestyle Goals

August 23, 2022

Imagine you’ve been on top of it: Healthy meals, daily workouts, the sleep routine of a champion. And then, you miss a day. And another. And another. And suddenly, *poof*: Your go-to breakfast is leftover pizza, you haven’t worked out in four months, and you’re wide awake until 2am every night binge watching Love is Blind Japan. Relatable?

We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we’ve learned from it. Read on for our insider tips for getting back on track – and staying there.

Step One: Recognize You’ve Fallen off Track

Ouch! That hurts, doesn’t it? Recognizing this feeling now can help you avoid it in the future. It can also help you reflect on a time when you were on track – didn’t that feel awesome?

Pro Tip: Be gentle with yourself. Punishing yourself with negative, self-deprecating thoughts will only hurt you. Give yourself grace, and have a conversation with yourself about why you want to get back on track.

Step Two: Establish an Accountability System

If you’ve ever been in a 12-step program, you already know that accountability is a major component of keeping true to your goals. This is no different for other lifestyle changes. If you have a person you’re supposed to report to regarding your diet, exercise, or other changes, you’re more likely to adhere to those new rules.

Pro Tip: There’s an option for accountability no matter what your goal is. Consider asking a friend or family member, personal trainer, therapist, or life coach to help keep you on track. They may even want to join you on this journey!

Step Three: Implement Sustainable Changes

Sure, you can deep clean your home of all traces of sugar in hopes of waking up in the best shape of your life, but change takes time. Engaging in a gradual reduction in harmful habits allows your body to adjust and absorb new healthy habits. If you’re trying to lose weight, start with easy substitutions – don’t totally forego the dessert; rather, change it up.

Pro Tip: Doll up your favorite yogurt with farm fresh berries and honey for a delicious and healthy ice cream substitution.