Mental Health Support



Mental Health Support

May 23, 2023

Mental illness affects millions of people worldwide, but many don't seek help due to stigma, access to care, or misconceptions. However, people with mental illness can live full and rewarding lives with proper support and treatment. Mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain and can trigger a range of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, mood swings, and hallucinations. People may be afraid to seek help due to concerns about their job or relationships, but employees are protected by laws that safeguard privacy and prevent discrimination. If your employer offers an employee assistance program (EAP), you can talk to a mental health expert who can help you find the right support and care. Some may have misconceptions about the therapy process, but it's often focused on problem-solving and learning techniques to change negative behaviors or thought patterns.

It's critical to seek help for mental illness early, before problems become too severe. If you notice changes in your mood, sleep patterns, work habits, or relationships that have persisted for two or more weeks, it's time to reach out for help. And if you're experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, it's crucial to get help immediately. Planning for suicide is a serious red flag, and reaching out to a trusted friend or family member, therapist, or crisis hotline can save your life.

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Mental health is vital to your overall wellbeing. Did you know that mental health also includes emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing? Things like our happiness, eating habits, and job or relationship satisfaction can affect our mental health, too!

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