What Does it Mean to Be “Fit”?



What Does it Mean to Be “Fit”?

May 18, 2022

The word “fitness” conjures up different ideas. Most commonly, people relate it to physical activities, like running, biking, and weight-lifting---but did you know that fitness is not just a term used for physical health? Fitness is synonymous with both physical and mental wellness.

Developing healthy habits in regard to physical and mental wellbeing can help accelerate you toward being as mindfully fit as you can. If you’re stressed because your inbox has 62,000 unread emails and your kids don’t seem to know what sleep is, you could benefit from expertise on work-life balance. If your fast-food diet has put you on the fast track to diabetes or high cholesterol, you may consider attending a seminar on nutrition.

Maintaining wellness visits and scheduling preventative screenings are also key components of achieving fitness. Preventative care is essential; these wellness visits and regular screenings can help catch yellow flag issues before they turn to flashing emergency lights. Plus, getting answers from real doctors in real time is so much better than doom-scrolling WebMD until the wee hours of the morning.

Exercise also plays an important role in fitness. Whether you like to HIIT the gym or OM from home, exercise releases endorphins, the happy chemical. Who doesn’t want to be happy?

No matter what the word fitness means to you, it’s an important part of life. Fit for Life, a CVT program geared toward overall health and wellness, aims to provide members with the tools needed to live a holistically healthy lifestyle.

CVT’s carrier partners, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California and Kaiser Permanente also offer wellness discounts on certain products and services including fitness center memberships, vision and hearing care, and home products. Check your carrier websites for details.

Learn more about the Fit for Life program by visiting: https://www.cvtrust.org/fit-for-life-wellbeing-program.