Dealing with Stress

June 23, 2022 Mental Health

Stress: It’s more than an annoying feeling we get when work life, home life, and emotional life are feeling out of control. Chronic stress can have immense physical implications, wreaking havoc throughout your body and spiking issues from your blood sugar to blemishes and beyond. Read on to learn how stress is impacting your body and how you can proactively address the situation.

What is stress?

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Living Well Within the New Normal: Navigating PTSD

June 9, 2022 EAP

Feeling stressed, tired, or down on yourself? This might be linked to how often you use your phone. Studies show that too much online interaction increases stress, reduces sleep, and lowers self-esteem. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to reclaim your brain space.

Ready to start your digital detox? Join us in implementing the habits below – let’s see how big of a difference these little changes will make!

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What Does it Mean to Be “Fit”?

May 18, 2022 Mental HealthValue-Added Partners

The word “fitness” conjures up different ideas. Most commonly, people relate it to physical activities, like running, biking, and weight-lifting---but did you know that fitness is not just a term used for physical health? Fitness is synonymous with both physical and mental wellness.

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