Communication & Teams

February 15, 2023 Mental Health

Communication forms the foundations of all relationships – at home, in the community, and at work. Communication does not only mean speaking skills, it is just one of the components. Typically, the speaker is perceived as powerful and in control, and the listener as passive, but actually the reverse is true. When we listen to others, we assess how to approach them and can then establish a rapport. The speaker then feels good about being heard and listens attentively to what we say.

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Stress & Heart Health

February 1, 2023 EAP

The body’s stress response is meant to handle short-term stress. The problem is when short-term stress becomes prolonged stress and the body is kept on high alert. Being on high alert all the time can have an effect on a person’s health and wellbeing, especially heart health. Stress can also be a contributor to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

In recognition of Stress & Heart Health Month, take the steps to care for your well-being with these tips!

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Making the Most of Family Mealtime

January 25, 2023 Mental Health

Family dinners don’t happen very often in many homes for reasons like working late, after-school activities, varied schedules, or being a single parent doing it all. The list goes on and on and the result could be choosing something quick and easy while not always being healthy or eating at separate times in different places.

Complicated lives can be challenging for families to get together and enjoy quality time, but time spent together can have enormous benefits for everyone’s well-being. Here are some helpful ways to make family mealtime easier:

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