Get Back on Track: Three Steps to Achieving Healthy Lifestyle Goals

August 23, 2022 General Healthcare

Imagine you’ve been on top of it: Healthy meals, daily workouts, the sleep routine of a champion. And then, you miss a day. And another. And another. And suddenly, *poof*: Your go-to breakfast is leftover pizza, you haven’t worked out in four months, and you’re wide awake until 2am every night binge watching Love is Blind Japan. Relatable?

We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we’ve learned from it. Read on for our insider tips for getting back on track – and staying there.

Step One: Recognize You’ve Fallen off Track

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Back to School: Mental Wellness

August 5, 2022 EAP

The curtains are closing on summer and it’s that time of year again: Back to school. This time can evoke pleasant feelings of excitement and nostalgia for students, while also eliciting anxiety and other worries. Going into the school year with fit mental space – and maintaining that health all year long – starts here.

Ready to help your child master mental wellness? Join us in implementing the habits below – let’s see how big a difference these little changes will make!

Establish a Consistent Routine

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Practicing Mindfulness

July 22, 2022 Mental Health

What comes to mind when you hear the word “mindfulness”? Perhaps you’re familiar with it and know the benefits. Maybe you’ve heard it in passing but aren’t really sure what it means. Some people might even associate mindfulness with a niche alternative lifestyle that doesn’t apply to them. The truth is, mindfulness is chock-full of mental health benefits, and people from around the world are finally catching on.

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